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How to Clone Terms

If you run regular terms throughout the year, there's no need to re-enter all of your sessions each time you need to set up a new term. You can use the Clone Terms tool, which allows you to clone an entire term's worth of sessions in just a few clicks.

Let's imagine our current calendar looks like this...

There are three groups within this term: 9am Tuesdays, 10am Tuesdays, and 9am Wednesdays.

Step 1: Choose Which Groups To Clone

From the Calendar, hit the button and click the Clone Terms... button.

Choose the groups you're looking to clone by clicking the checkboxes to the left.

If your new term isn't exactly the same as a previous term (i.e. there's a week's break, or a couple of sessions need to be at a different venue), you can simply amend or delete those specific sessions after cloning.

When you've chosen your groups, click the Proceed to Details... button at the top.

Step 2: Enter the New Details

Fill in the following fields...

Week Commencing
This is the week that sessions will start being inserted from. If your chosen groups start on different weeks, the earliest group will start on the week you choose here, and the rest will fall in afterwards, maintaining the staggered start.

Destination Term
Here we created a new Term for December as that's when our sessions will start.

There are four visibility options...

  • Clone Current
    The new groups will use the current group's visibility.
  • Public
    The new groups will appear on your booking page immediately.
  • Private
    The new groups will not be accessible from your booking page.
  • Unlisted
    Only people with the link/URL able view the groups on your booking page.
    This is useful for priority booking.

Booking Password
Your existing Term Groups may or may not have a Booking Password (to allow priority booking). If you'd like the new groups to have the same password as the existing groups, leave this box checked. Unchecking the checkbox will allow you to set a new password for the groups that are about to be created.

When you're ready, click the Proceed to Review... button.

Step 3: Review

Bookaby will display a list of groups and sessions that it intends to add to your calendar. You can check that everything looks good by reviewing the dates, clicking on sessions for further inspection, as well as clicking the Review buttons next to each group name.

When you're ready, click the Create Term Groups button, and Bookaby will create the new groups and sessions for you - see the new December groups at the top...