What Makes Bookaby
Better Than The Rest?

Bookaby is not just a booking system!

It actually helps you run your classes, with everything you need at your fingertips!

See how we stand out from the crowd…

Instant Information

Uniquely, Bookaby can work offline and synchronises its data in the background. This allows the system to bring up the information you need immediately, whatever the circumstances.

Your customer and booking information is stored on your device (securely encrypted, of course!), so when you need to see a list of bookings or the surrounding information, it's all there instantly... no waiting around watching a ‘Loading…' message each time you want to do something!

Did we mention that Bookaby also installs to your phone's Home-Screen? It's just one more thing that other systems don't have! You can use Bookaby on your PC, phone or tablet… the same great experience across all devices, with no clunky web-pages to deal with!

Customisable Interface

In addition to zero loading times, we've listened to our customers and evolved the system's user-interface so that you can customise the information you'd like to see at a glance.

Need to view everyone who's given permission for photographs to be taken? No problem!
Want to check who's supplied medical info? Easy!
You're able to show this information directly on the list of attendees so that it's always available to you and any staff members. You can even go a step further and with one click, filter the list of attendees to show only the attendees who've given the answer you need.

It doesn't stop there! You can add any number of customer related fields to the system, and select which ones should appear on your list of bookings. You can even choose whether certain fields are only relevant to specific classes!

Get To Know Your Customers

Making your customers feel welcome and appreciated is a big motivator for repeat custom!

If you're running classes aimed at kids, parents can add their child's nickname which helps children feel more comfortable with yourself or staff members.

As well as the child's name, you're also able to see the parents' name at all times, allowing you to engage with your customers with confidence that you know who's who when they appear at the entrance!

Alex? Is he a boy? Is she a girl? Are they neither… or both?
Bookaby allows you to control which options you present to your customers, and will colour code your attendee list accordingly.

All of these features let your customers know that you care about who they are as a person, and that they're more than a booking reference number!

Keep Your Attendees Safe, and the Parents' Minds At Rest

Whether your customers are booking for themselves or their children, they may be hesitant to approach you to let you know of any medical information that may be worth mentioning, in the fear of appearing too fretful, or taking up too much of your time at the start of a busy class.

It's always better to know if somebody has requirements sooner than later, so we've introduced the following warning icons that appear directly in the list of attendees for a session. These alert staff to any dietary, emotional, or physical notes that the customer has entered.

When making a booking, there's also a place where customers can add notes for staff, which when filled in is flagged to staff members so that they're aware.

Clicking on a booking will instantly display full information on all of the above, as well as all customer, booking, and payment information.


You've put a lot of effort into getting your website looking the way you like it. You've chosen fonts, sizes, colours, and layout, so it's a shame to then have to plonk an out-of-place, awkward, square booking section into one of your pages, with no customisation options whatsoever, and which completely ruins the aesthetic you've spent time putting together. This is how other platforms need you to embed their systems into your website.
Bookaby is very, very different!

Using Bookaby's 'Integrated Embedding' approach, your listings can be displayed as part of the fabric of the webpage - allowing you to have complete control over the styling and layout!

If you're not confident in embedding and styling the listings yourself, we offer free one-to-one help with embedding whenever's required, and will even spend time to provide custom styling code, ensuring that your listings look amazing to your website visitors, who often don't even realise that they're interacting with a 3rd-party booking solution.

Unbeatable Support

If you've read any of Bookaby's reviews on TrustPilot, you'll have seen that we take customer support seriously. Stats show that most of our support enquiries are replied to within 10-15 minutes, and we don't do stock responses!

Every email is replied to by a human who's typing out a tailored response on a keyboard - it may not sound like much, but it's becoming more and more uncommon, and it's something that we're very proud of and endeavour to maintain going forward!

I love using Bookaby! The main thing it has done for me is to cut my admin time down dramatically...

My customers all agree it was very quick and easy to make their bookings

Moo Music Children's Song & Dance

We spent a while looking for a booking system.
So many did half the job and we thought we'd never find something that did enough to make it worthwhile.
Bookaby does it all and more.

Jolly Gymnastics Children's Gymnasium

I've demoed a few booking systems and this is the only one that I've found to be simple and intuitive.

The interface is clean, and it has all the features I need to run my classes.

Fly Right Aerial Aerial Gymnastics

Bookaby has saved me so much time booking in clients to my yoga and birthing classes, which as a mum to two little ones is what I needed!
I find it really easy to use and adapt to each class and course.

ZenMuma Yoga & Hypnobirthing

I don't know how we managed without it!
It's super easy to navigate and very user friendly and we have had fantastic customer service throughout.

Highly recommended.

The Barn Children's Community Centre

The Bookaby app is great. It is great that everything is stored in the app...

Customers have said the booking system is easy to follow... I highly recommend Bookaby!

Highmoor Nursery Children's Nursery & Creche

Bookaby is a super easy to use booking system, I don't know how I managed without it!

Customers have also commented on how easy and simple Bookaby is for them to book our classes.

Gym Minis Children's Play Gym

In 10 minutes from now you can be ready to take bookings online!

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