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How to Edit a Session

From the Calendar click on the relevant day and choose the session that you're looking to edit in the popup menu. Click Edit Session to bring up the form for that session.

At the top of the form, you will be reminded that if you're looking to amend multiple sessions, that it might be worth considering editing the underlying template for that session. For example, if you are moving the location of all future classes, it would be better to update the session template with the new location, and which would in effect update all of the sessions using that template. For more information, see the Session Templates article.

If you're looking to make an edit to a session that's an exception to the norm, go ahead and amend the relevant fields. If the change is overriding a value in the template, the field's label will turn orange to let you know that it's being overridden.

You will also see a 'Reset' button, which when clicked will restore the field's value back to the original value that is in the template.

When you've finished your edits, scroll to the bottom of the form and hit the Save Changes button.

If you can't find the detail you're looking to amend, it may be that you need to edit Session Type instead, in which case head to Setup > Session Types.

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