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How to Edit a Session Template

Understanding Templates

If you haven't yet read the article on Understanding Templates, we highly recommend it!

You've got all your sessions in your calendar, and everything is great... but then you realise you need to change the Start Time for all of the sessions! Fear not... one change in the template will fix it all!

Head to Setup > Session Templates and click on the template you'd like to amend.

The first thing that will catch your eye is this switch...

A template is the basis of a session, and that session may be part of a Term Group or it may be booked on its own individually. If it's booked individually, all of the fields in a template are relevant, however if the session belongs to a term group, many of these fields are handled by the group itself. Turning this switch on will hide all of the fields that are irrelevant to sessions that belong to a term group.

Session Locking

There may be many sessions using the same template. Some may be in the past, and others in the future. When you come to modify your template, the changes you've made may only be relevant to future sessions... you don't want the sessions in the past to be affected.

Every time a template is saved, a new version of that template is created, leaving a history of all the different versions in the system. A session can be locked to a specific version of a template, so that it is no longer affected by further changes to the template. A locked session can still be modified by editing the session directly.

When you come to save the changes to your template, you may be prompted to choose a locking option...

If you choose to lock sessions so that they reference a previous version of the template, they will appear in the calendar with a pink triangle to the bottom left to remind you that they are locked (but can still be modified by editing the session directly).

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