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How to Allow Priority Booking

Sometimes you may want to offer specific customers a chance to make bookings before opening up the class to others, during a “Priority Booking” or "Early Access" period.

There are two ways to allow Priority Booking...

1. Using Booking Passwords

If you're happy for your classes to be shown but only bookable to certain customers, you can set a Booking Password on your Term-Groups / sessions.
When a customer comes to book, they will need to enter the password in order to continue.

When your priority booking period is over, simply remove the password and bookings will be open to the general public.

2. Using Unlisted URLs

The second way to allow priority booking is to set the Term Group's visibility to Unlisted. This way it won't show up in the listings on your booking page, but can still be viewed by using the direct Booking URL (web address link), which can be shared with specific customers.

To find the link to your term group, select any of the group's sessions in the calendar and click the 'Get Booking URL' option. Alternatively, if you're looking to share links to multiple unlisted groups, view your list of terms by clicking the button, then click and select Copy Unlisted Booking URLs.

When your priority booking period is over, set the term-group's visibility to Public and it will appear in the listings on your booking page as normal.

Email Attendees / Parents

To email customers booked on to a session, click the Actions Button and choose 'Email Attendees/Parents'.
This is a useful way to announce to your current customers that there are new sessions available for booking.

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