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How to Understand the Calendar

The Calendar is at the heart of your Bookaby manager. It conveys a lot of information, so let's go through each aspect and see what it all means!

Working from the top down we can see that we're looking at February 2022.

Session Filter

Clicking this will bring up a check list of items that should be displayed in your calendar. Useful if you want to restrict the calendar to display sessions from one particular term, or maybe to show Unlisted sessions only.

Booking Count

The number of bookings for this session. In this example, the calendar happens to be displaying three Term Groups (9am Tue, 10am Tue, 9am Wed).

We can see that the 9am Tuesday group has 2 bookings, however the session on the 8th has 3 bookings. This would indicate that there's a Trial booking for this session.

Template Locked

See the 'Session Locking' section of Editing a Session Template for more information on locking.

Same Template / Different Template

When adding sessions to your calendar you can base them on re-usable templates. Your calendar will represent which template a session is using by altering its colour.

In the image we can see that the purple Tuesday and Wednesday 9am sessions are using the same template. They are identical sessions, just on different days (and in this case, different term groups too).

The 10am sessions are using a different template, which is why they appear in green.

Overridden Fields

Orange text indicates that the session contains information that is overriding that in the template. It's useful to see this at a glance, so that you know that there's something different about this session in particular. It may be starting at a different time (as is the case here), or maybe needs to take place at a different venue etc.

Terms Button

Clicking this will list your Terms & Groups. The button will only show if you've added sessions to the system that belong to a term group.

More Information

Clicking on a day in your calendar will show a list of the sessions for that day...

This gives you a way to see which Term Group (if any) a session belongs to, as well as which Template it's using. Selecting a session from this list will display further options.

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