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How to Allow Trial Sessions

Trial sessions are a great way to give your customers a flavour of what your classes are like before they commit to booking a full term or course. If a customer attends their trial session and would then like to continue, they can book for the remainder of the term at a pro rata price, which will automatically be calculated upon booking.

A trial booking counts towards the Max. Capacity limit, and each customer is restricted to just one trial session across all of your classes, regardless of which type of session they booked for a trial.

To enable trial sessions when creating or editing a Term Group, simply expand the Trial Sessions section, and turn on Allow Trial Sessions.

You will presented with the following fields...

  • Trial Price
    This is the amount that a customer would pay for the trial session. If you would like to offer free trial sessions, you can set this field to 0.00
  • Auto Trial Price
    If you would like to have Bookaby automatically work out how much a trial session should cost, you can turn this option on.
    The trial price is calculated by taking the price of whole group, and dividing it by the number of sessions within.
  • Single Bookings Per Session
    How many single bookings should be allowed in any one session.
    This field is shared with Drop-In bookings. You may want to keep this number relatively low, as trial bookings and drop-in bookings count towards the Max. Capacity limit.
  • Bookable Session Count
    When a customer comes to book at trial session, they are offered a list of upcoming session dates that they can choose for their trial.
    Setting the Bookable Session Count will restrict how many upcoming session dates are presented to the customer to choose from.
    We recommend setting this value low (one or two) as a trial booking counts towards capacity, therefore it prevents someone else from booking for the whole/remaining term.

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