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How to Add Price Options

You may wish to offer your customers additional options when making a booking that affect the price - for example...

- Equipment Rental
- Concession Pricing
- Food & Drink
- Full / Half-Day Attendance
- Activity Upgrades
- Additional Guests

Price Modifiers allow you to add options which when chosen, directly affect the Base Price of your sessions. Price Modifiers do not apply to Term Groups.

Let's add a few modifiers to our session (a holiday camp day)...

Here our Base Price is £10, and we're offering an optional Lunch for £5. As price modifiers can have negative values, we're also allowing children under 5 to get £2 off the Base Price.

We need our customers to choose which lesson they'd like to have, and each one has its own affect on the Base Price.

When our customers come to make a booking, they're then presented with the following extra options...

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