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Do You Run Martial Arts Classes?

Bookaby’s rich feature set caters perfectly to karate, jiu jitsu, and other martial arts classes.

Two-Way Custom Fields

Bookaby allows you to attach extra information to your attendees that can either be supplied by your customers when they book, or be entered by yourself and only visible to you.

This powerful feature allows your to keep track of things such as...

  • Belt & Grading Info
  • Certificates Awarded
  • Progress Throughout a Course
  • Skill Level
  • Areas Requiring Attention
  • Gender, D.O.B. & Other Personal Info

All custom field information can be downloaded in our extensive reports, enabling you to see a detailed snapshot of your customer base at a glance.

Adult & Child Bookings

If you run both adult and child classes we’ve got you covered. Bookaby allows adult accounts to create child profiles that can be booked onto your sessions

Child Safety

Although running sessions for children can be incredibly rewarding, it also comes with its own set of challenges. We listened to both parents and organisers like yourself when designing our unique child safety features.

Child profiles have the following extra fields...

Physical Notes
Emotional Notes
Dietary Notes

Relevant icons are shown in the main list of attendees. Tapping on a booking will display the notes in full, alongside all other booking information.

It doesn't stop there! Parents can also specify...

Emergency Contacts

Parents can add Emergency Contacts should they be unavailable themselves.

Pick Up Password

Allow parents to specify a password that should be told to staff in order to allow the child to be collected.

Nominated Pick Up

If the parent would like to nominate a person who will be collecting their child, you’ll be able to see this at a glance.

Sell Items

Bookaby features a simple way to sell items to your customers, either via your booking page or on the day in person.

  • Perfect for consumables or kit/uniform
  • Organise items into categories
  • Choose to keep certain items private for on-site sale only
  • Track sales through reports

Flexible Scheduling

Have you ever had to...

  • Run special sessions
    e.g. Introduction sessions or End of Term Exam
  • Change details of a particular session
    Useful for venue or start time changes
  • Have irregular days
    When you need to skip or move a session
  • Run multiple classes per week
    If a course needs to be condensed

Not a problem! Terms and Courses can contain a mix of different sessions, and can be scheduled whenever suits you best.

Also run individual sessions?

You can create single non-term sessions in less than 20 seconds thanks to our unique templating system.

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Up and Running in Minutes

Bookaby's super simple setup means that you can have a booking page all ready to go in no time!
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    Create Sessions
    In Your Calendar
    The in-built Walkthrough will guide you through.
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    Creating Sessions

    This demo shows how quick and simple it is to create sessions using our overridable templating system. In the demo we override the Price field... check it out!

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    Online Bookings
    Take bookings from your provided page or via your own website.
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    Your Booking Page

    Bookaby will provide you with your own customisable booking page which will allow your own customers to book onto your sessions.

    This is an example of the booking page for "Jenny's Dance Studio". Jenny can send her customers here to book on to her sessions.

    If you would like to view this for yourself you can view Jenny's page.

    Jenny could also choose to embed Bookaby into her own website. If you would like to learn more about this, check out the integration page.

    Note: The demo shows a shortened booking process.

  • 3
    Run Your
    Check attendees in and out, sell items, create notes and view reports.
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    Running Your Session

    When viewing a session our interactive display clearly shows attendees you have checked in (highlighted in green), along with relevant badges so that you can see details about the booking without having to open each one.

    Tapping on a booking will display further details and even allow you to sell items directly to the customer in front of you.

In 10 minutes from now you can be ready to take bookings online!

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