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Do You Run Fitness Classes or Bootcamps?

Whether you run a couple of sessions a week or have a hectic calendar, Bookaby can handle everything you need.

Flexible Scheduling

Your calendar can contain a mix of different sessions, and can be scheduled whenever suits you best.

  • Add new classes in seconds
    Our unique templating system makes this a breeze!
  • Run courses alongside individual sessions
    Sessions can be grouped and booked as one, giving you complete control over how you manage your classes.

Collect Customer Information

Bookaby allows you to attach extra information to your attendees that can either be supplied by your customers when they book, or be entered by yourself and only visible to you.

This powerful feature allows your to keep track of things such as...

  • Gender, D.O.B. & Other Personal Info
  • Progress Throughout a Course
  • Skill Level
  • Areas Requiring Attention

All customer information can be downloaded in our extensive reports, enabling you to see a detailed snapshot of your customer base at a glance.

Advanced Capabilities

  • More than just a register
    Attendees can be flagged on and off an activity multiple times during a session.
    Each time is tracked, which is great if you need to know how long someone was on an activity or whether you need to know who's currently in a group for safety reasons.
  • Run multiple sessions at once
    If you're running simultaneous group activities you can keep track of everything on one screen.
  • Real time sync
    All devices are kept up to date in real-time. If a new booking is made, or you make a change in-app, all other devices will reflect the change immediately.
  • Offline ready
    If you've got a patchy connection to the internet you'll be able to run your sessions without interruption.

Sell Items

Bookaby features a simple way to sell items to your customers, either via your booking page or on the day in person.

  • Perfect for consumables or kit/uniform
  • Organise items into categories
  • Choose to keep certain items private for on-site sale only
  • Track sales through reports

Child Safety

Although running sessions for children can be incredibly rewarding, it also comes with its own set of challenges. We listened to both parents and organisers like yourself when designing our unique child safety features.

Child profiles have the following extra fields...

Physical Notes
Emotional Notes
Dietary Notes

Relevant icons are shown in the main list of attendees. Tapping on a booking will display the notes in full, alongside all other booking information.

It doesn't stop there! Parents can also specify...

Emergency Contacts

Parents can add Emergency Contacts should they be unavailable themselves.

Pick Up Password

Allow parents to specify a password that should be told to staff in order to allow the child to be collected.

Nominated Pick Up

If the parent would like to nominate a person who will be collecting their child, you’ll be able to see this at a glance.

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I love using Bookaby! The main thing it has done for me is to cut my admin time down dramatically...

My customers all agree it was very quick and easy to make their bookings

Moo Music Children's Song & Dance

We spent a while looking for a booking system.
So many did half the job and we thought we'd never find something that did enough to make it worthwhile.
Bookaby does it all and more.

Jolly Gymnastics Children's Gymnasium

I've demoed a few booking systems and this is the only one that I've found to be simple and intuitive.

The interface is clean, and it has all the features I need to run my classes.

Fly Right Aerial Aerial Gymnastics

Bookaby has saved me so much time booking in clients to my yoga and birthing classes, which as a mum to two little ones is what I needed!
I find it really easy to use and adapt to each class and course.

ZenMuma Yoga & Hypnobirthing

I don't know how we managed without it!
It's super easy to navigate and very user friendly and we have had fantastic customer service throughout.

Highly recommended.

The Barn Children's Community Centre

The Bookaby app is great. It is great that everything is stored in the app...

Customers have said the booking system is easy to follow... I highly recommend Bookaby!

Highmoor Nursery Children's Nursery & Creche

Bookaby is a super easy to use booking system, I don't know how I managed without it!

Customers have also commented on how easy and simple Bookaby is for them to book our classes.

Gym Minis Children's Play Gym

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